A 24-Hour Pacific Coffee on Our Campus?

Student Union officer said that the university has once again suggested the idea of cleaning up our campus with grand corporations.
by Tam William and Ah Bean Gaw

The Cultural Square in the main campus-; where many of us walk past days and nights-; will change its faces! ?Speculation about a grand plan to replace the courtyard behind public notice boards with a caf?like Pacific Coffee is flowing around. We have talked to the chairman of Students?Union Chairman-; Sze Ching-Wai-; on this hot issue.

In a meeting of the Staff/Students Centres Management Committee, Sze suggested the setup of Cultural Square should change so that the space can be utilized in a better way. Mr Leung Tin-Ming-; Director of Office of Student Affairs (OSA); was positive about the suggestion at that time. It turned out to be a clash of opinions-; however-; when it came to the details of the change. While Sze wanted to rearrange the notice boards so that the courtyard will be more accessible for public use, Leung wanted a whole reinvigoration so that the area will be directly controlled by the university management. According to his plan-; an extended roof and plasma TVs will be added and a big 24-hr caf?will be established.

For Sze, Leung invitation of a famous caf?is all about money: whichever company wants to bid the right to operate the caf? it has to cover all the costs of the renovation. Sze doubts that the bidding is only affordable to big corporations. During a casual conversation-; Leung threatened to all everything off?if no consensus can be reached. Until now the topic has yet to be discussed in any official meetings. We will keep our eyes on the matter closely and make sure every fellow schoolmate can have their say on the use of this busy public space.



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