• Full Members to exercise their rights of election, initiative and recall.
    All Members shall vote by secret ballot.
  • Motion passed in the Referendum shall possess the highest authority within the Union.
  • Referendum shall be declared valid only if the affirmative votes exceed onesixth of votes from all Full Members.
  • Motion which fails to meet the quorum shall be withdrawn automatically.

General Meeting

  • The decision-making authority prior to the Referendum.
  • Irregular meetings that handle urgent and important matters excluding elections, recalls and constitutional amendments.
  • One-tenth of Full Members constitutes a quorum, which is around 1000 members.
  • Difficult to convene due to high quorum

Joint Conference

  • A decision-making authority held prior to the Referendum and the General Meeting.
  • Irregular meetings to handle urgent matters and important issues.
  • Two-thirds of its Members constitutes a quorum, which is much lower.
  • Members of Joint Conference shall be All Members of The Council and selected members from the Executive Committee, Campus Radio and Student Press.

The Council

  • As the supreme legislative, The Council shall be the scrutinizing and democratically representative body of the Union.
  • Each constituent college of the Student Union, the president or an Executive Committee member appointed by the president shall be an Official Member.
  • All Elected Members for a Constituent College must be voted by all Full Members from that college, but when the number of Elected Members returned is less than total number of seats for that Constituent College, The Council or equivalent body of the Constituent College can appoint not more than one Full Member from that college as additional Appointed Member.
  • The Council shall establish a Committee to assist in its affairs including monitoring, legislation, election and registration of affiliated clubs and societies.

Judicial Committee

  • The Judicial Committee shall be the supreme judiciary of the Union, whereas the Court of Appeal of the Judicial Committee shall be the body to exercise final adjudication as for all disputes within the Union.
  • It is established in 2017.
  • The Judicial Committee and its Members must uphold the Constitution, safeguard the rights of Full Members and exercise their judicial functions independently of any external intervention.
  • The Judicial Committee shall have jurisdiction over all disputes within the Union.

Executive Committee (ExCo)

  • Supreme executive body of the Student Union.
  • To most students, they are referred to as the Student Union.
  • Location: UG/F, Benjamin Franklin Centre.
  • Stationery, second-hand textbooks, CUHK T-shirts etc. are sold at welfare corner.
  • Main responsibilities: student welfare (e.g. CUHK T-shirt design competition), student activities (e.g. World Cup Final live broadcast), university policies (attend meetings with the university), external actions (issue public statement, interviews), participation in social movements (assemblies, demonstrations and forums etc.)

Chinese University Student Press (CUSP)

  • One of the student media.
  • Location: Room 307, Benjamin Franklin Centre.
  • Bi-monthly issue with online publication currently.
  • Special issue when urgent events happened.
  • Regular special issue include 1989 democracy movement and orientation booklet (That’s the one you’re reading!).

Chinese University Campus Radio (CUCR)

  • One of the student media.
  • Location: Room 301-303, Benjamin Franklin Centre.
  • Short history: Established in 1999.
  • Mission: As a platform for student to voice out their opinions.
  • To report student opinions and university policies, as well as student activities.
  • Produce live podcast, radio and multimedia programmes.
  • Themes vary from university life and policies to social issues.
  • The council meeting live on YouTube.

Interim Executive Committee Officers

  • When the Executive Committee, Chinese University Student Press Publication Committee or the Chinese University Campus Radio Editorial Board becomes vacant, The Council shall appoint the respective Interim Executive Committees and various dedicated Task Forces to deal with daily administrations.

Annual election

  • It is held by the Student Union and Constituent College of the Student Union in the beginning of the year. The Executive Committee, Campus Radio Editorial Board, Student Press Publication Committee, student members of the University Senate from each faculty and representatives of the Hong Kong Federation of Students are elected.
  • The annual election of each college elects members of their own Executive Committees and legislative, as well as Elected Members of the Council. The four original colleges, including New Asia, Chung Chi, United, and Shaw College elect their own student members of the University Senate.