By Joyce Ng

Basic Medical Sciences Building Snack Bar (Med Can)

If you want to try the taste of Hong Kong style food in CUHK, this cha chaan teng-like canteen is a good choice. Popular food such as instant noodles, sandwiches and breakfast sets are sold at affordable prices. Apart from the lemon pie which is well-known within and outside the campus, the most famous food is rice with two choices of sides. You can choose your favourite among 10 kinds of sides and enjoy the meal outside the canteen or in any open space in the campus. There is always a long line of students waiting during lunch hour.

Benjamin Franklin Centre Coffee Corner (G/F)

Pho is one of its iconic cuisines. There are also many choices of light meals, thus it is a right place for afternoon tea. For example, sandwiches with rich and balanced filling, french fries, salad and fried chicken leg are served.

Benjamin Franklin Centre Student Canteen (G/F)

The canteen is like a fast food restaurant. Actually, it is operated by the same company as Cafe de Coral. Different styles of food are served, but they usually don’t taste like their original flavour. The quality and price are average.

Vegether CUHK (Benjamin Franklin Centre UG/F)

Being the only vegetarian restaurant in the campus, various kinds of food are provided, such as noodles with vegetarian dumplings, vegetarian meatballs and rice with different kinds of sides.

Hong Kong Women Workers’ Association Tuck shop (Benjamin Franklin Centre UG/F)

Hong Kong style snacks including siu mai, fish balls and noodles with sauce are sold. There is a unique sweet soup which is freshly prepared everyday as well. The tuck shop opens till 1:30am so it’s the place to go when you are hungry at night.

Morningside College Dining Hall

Food from worldwide countries are served. Pizzas are sold as well. The canteen is also famous for their fish and chips.

SHHO College Student Canteen

A wide variety of food, ranging from Chinese cuisine to Western cuisine is provided. Operated by Maxim’s, the canteen’s most famous dish is spicy chicken.

Chung Chi College Student Canteen (CC Can)

Siu mei (Chinese barbecue pork), rice noodles in soup, rice with two choices of sides and stir-fried dishes are served. Food is sold at affordable prices.

Ebeneezer’s Kebabs & Pizzeria (Li Wai Chun Building G05)

Kebab, curry and other Middle Eastern delicacies are served. Although it is inconveniently located, its uniqueness attracts a lot of students.

Paper & Coffee (Pommerenke Student Centre 1/F)

It is a Japanese style restaurant with a comfortable environment. Although the price level is above average among canteens in CUHK, the quality of food is worth it. There is always a long waiting line during lunch hour. Options for side dishes include fried chicken, curry, onsen egg and sous vide pork, etc. They’re famous for their coffee as well.

Orchid Lodge (near Ho Tim Building)

Rice or spaghetti with two choices of Western sides are served in the outdoor area during lunchtime with free fruit tea included. The most well-known dish is peanut butter-filled french toast with syrup and chocolate sauce on top — the best choice for a hearty afternoon tea.

New Asia College Student Canteen (NA Can)

The Cantonese style food are sold at the cheapest price among restaurants and canteens in the campus. The most delicious item is red bean ice (iced milk with red beans). Cheese and ham roll is another good choice.

United College Student Canteen (UC Can)

A wide variety of cuisines including Japanese curry rice, Western dishes, salad and rice noodles in sour and spicy soup is served. You can also order Taiwanese specialty drinks like bubble tea at Joyful Inn which is next to the canteen.

Cafe 330 (1/F YIA)

Common items in cafes such as coffee, chocolate, muffins, salad and sandwiches are sold. You can buy something here and have a quick lunch or breakfast during lectures. Proper meals are provided during lunchtime as well. Quite a lot of students study here with a cup of coffee.

Shaw College Canteen (Shaw Can)

Asian cuisines, light afternoon sets, Hong Kong style steak and spaghetti are served. Classic drinks, smoothies, coffee and hot tea are served as well. Enjoy your meal beside the beautiful natural landscape!

CW Chu College Canteen

Chinese cuisine, all day breakfast and burgers are served, with the only disadvantage being its inconvenient location. Coffee Corner is a delicate coffee shop nearby with exquisite drinks to satisfy your daily caffeine intake.

WS Pavilion

Cantonese and Western food is served at above-average prices. A unique feature of the canteen is the self-service area – you can take what you would like to have by yourself and take them to the counter, where the staffs in the kitchen cook for you.

WYS Canteen

Food is sold at reasonable price and the view is fascinating. Hot pot for one person is served in winter.