HK Women Workers’ Association Tuck Shop

Located on UG/F of Benjamin Franklin Centre, which is next to the swimming pool, this is the best place for stargazing while enjoying Hong Kong style snacks. The tuck shop is operated from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. Voluntary students help run the shop from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. Soft drinks, snacks, beer, fish balls, siu mai and many other snacks are served. Despite being ordinary street food, they are the best things to enjoy when you are hungry at night.

The tuck shop’s cooperative business model means that there is no boss and all members make decisions together (every member has the same power and can be listened). Thus, members can decide working time slot according to their preferences.

There is a grandstand beside the swimming pool, with tables and chairs available. Here you can sing and drink with your friends while enjoying the beautiful night sky with a gentle breeze. On a side note, the serene and dark environment at the spectator stand at night is a very popular dating place for couples to enjoy their personal time. Be sure not to disturb them when you have fun with your friends!

MMW rooftop 8/F Bird’s-eye view of CUHK

The rooftop is one of the highest spots with the most beautify scenery in CUHK. The panoramic view of Chung Chi College, Central Campus, and even as far as Ma On Shan across the harbour creates a nice atmosphere. You would feel peaceful and relaxed. When MMW was still in construction back in 2009 (you can check the start of its construction at MMW 7/F), there’s an observation deck next to the exit of New Asia College, named tin1 ngaii4 hoi2 gok3 (天涯海角). It was a well-known place with a fascinating view and good mood. There’s a rumour that a lot of couples have dated there. The place is no longer quiet since MMW was built. All these moments have become collective memories.

UC Ball Distant Stargazing

UC Ball, the structure between the two water towers on the hilltop, is a secret venue for stargazing and adventure. Its lesser-known official name is Fok Ying Tung Remote Sensing Science Building, and is situated at (nearly) the highest point of the campus, accounting for the extraordinary view from there. It is also a nice place to chat with your friends. Although climbing up the ball is possible, it is not permitted by the school, so you better not get there by rock climbing via New Asia path. Please don’t climb the stairs to the platform of the ball although the scenery there is super nice.

WMY 6/F Open learning area

This open learning area is open 24-hour. The facilities and equipment are similar to Pi Chiu Building. The environment with sufficient lighting and air conditioning is suitable for study. Half of the area is reserved for discussion space with tables, chairs, sofas and a whiteboard. You can take a rest on the sofas and enjoy the super wide sea view when you are worn out. The only disadvantage of studying here is that focusing might be difficult because students often discuss loudly in the area.

LG/F Learning Garden

After the new wing of the University Library is built, it was announced that the Learning Garden (an area reserved for revision in the basement of the new wing) will be open 24-hour. It is a good place for studying at night with a lot of tables and chairs. The weirdly-shaped sofas are best for taking a snap. However, the air circulation is poor as it is underground.

Let’s wander around CUHK

In fact, you can stay anywhere outdoor in the campus if no one forces you to leave. For example, the University Mall which seems large enough for plane elevation is a good place for hanging out with friends. It is even possible for a thousand people to enjoy hotpot together. There is a lot of public space available for you and it is not a must to stay in the hall.

The campus of CUHK which is the largest in Hong Kong, is built along the hillside with breathtaking scenery, thus hiking is a fantastic choice for chilling out and staying healthy. There are a lot of routes to choose and places to rest when you are tired or when it’s raining. However, daytime is not a proper time for hiking — you would feel really hot and exhausted. To experience the unity of nature and man, hiking in the evening is a better option as the temperature drops by 10°c after sunset. You can hike with your friends if you are afraid of getting lost. Remember to bring along your water bottle and smartphone.

Although there are rumours that ghosts are around corners of the campus, I have never met them before. I have only met security guards, dogs and wild boars. So, you only need to beware at night and there will be no accident.