Nobody would have expected starting a new chapter in our life in the virtual world. When we thought “Zoom-niversity” was just a joke that would stay in early 2020, it turned out it’s going to be so long-lasting. Be it online or on campus, the wide diversity and lively culture of CUHK have enlivened many of us. Now it’s your turn to set out on this exciting journey to unravel the mysteries of this mini-city-like campus!

While this vibrant community continues to surprise you with multifaceted experience, feel free to check out “University Life” to get a taste of how it’s like to be a CUHKer. By taking a look at “Student Organisations”, you might have a better idea of how to explore the possibilities in this school. At the same time, do have a glimpse at “Information”. This section is going to be a good companion in your freshman year. After taking the campus tour, let’s feast our eyes on the breathtaking landscape of Hong Kong and indulge ourselves in her rich culture through “HK Culture & Living”! We hope these articles serve as a great guideline in your adventure. If you have strong ideas and thoughts that need to be heard, “Student Contribution” is definitely the right place for you!

The upcoming years could be very tough, yet rest assured that everyone in CUHK will be very supportive on your way. Join us in finding the unalloyed pleasure in this small city where we all call it home.

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