大 O (daai6 O) (dà O), Big O : College orientation camp

細 O (sai3 O) (xì O), Small O : Department orientation camp

上莊 (soeng5 zong1) (shàng zhuāng) : Taking up a position in a student society

傾莊 (king1 zong1) (qīng zhuāng) : An event held by current society committee, during which new committee members meet each other and discuss the formation of the upcoming new cabinet

夜話 (je6 waa6) (yè huà), Night Talk : Casual chit-chatting and deep talks about interpersonal gossips, relationship status and personal aspirations and dreams, etc. late at night, often in the dormitory

食宵 (sik6 siu1) (chī xiāo) : Eating late night snacks out of campus. CUHK students usually go to Fo Tan and Tai Wai together for the event

Dem Beat : Demonstration of a beat by collective action of clapping hands and rhythmic stomping. The beat of each student body is unique from one another and serves as a strong collective value within the group.


GPA : Grade Point Average, a reference value of term academic result

過三爆四 (gwo3 saam3 baau3 sei3) (guò sān bào sì), Pass 3 explode 4 : It refers to the situation when one’s GPA is higher than 3.0. It is a blessing to wish other scoring high-flying colors in their study.


蛇 (se4) (shé), Snake : Non-hostel student who live in the dormitories secretly. “Snake” is forbidden in most of the college halls.

NDS/PSP : Nei Di Sheng (putonghua) / Putonghua speaking People. Students who come from Mainland China

Killer : Course instructors who are demanding when evaluating student’s score. They usually give out worse grades and fail more students.


頹 (teoi4) : An adjective to describe people who show no interest and passion on anything

摺 (zip3) : An adjective to describe people who don’t show up much in gathering

Chur : An adjective to describe people who try their best in everything they did to strive for success

//Italic: Literal translation of the Chinese words (not necessarily exact meaning)