Looking for some places to study and don’t want to stay in your dorm all the time? Don’t know other libraries except for the Univeristy library?Looking for some places to hang around after your lessons? You’ve come to the right article!


University Library #ulib

@ The University Mall

  • located in the center of CUHK, most busses stop nearby
  • loads of seats and different types of tables and desks for you to choose
  • you can also book a room with your friends!

Chung Chi College Elisabath Luce Moore Library #cclib

@ Next to the Pommerenke Student Centre

  • near MTR entrance and Chung Chi Gate so many people will be there
  • has sofa seats and it’s comfy to fall asleep there
  • most of the tables are 4 seats, so you probably need to sit with others

New Asia College Library #nalib

@ Get off at NA bus stop, walk up the stairs and go straight

  • the most inconvenient library
  • 1-person, 2-people and 4-people tables available 
  • go to the rooftop and enjoy Tolo Harbor view while studying!

United College Wu Chung Library #uclib

@ Opposite of the NA mini waterfall

  • LG is chill
  • with UC canteen nearby
  • a pretty standard one

Architecture Library #archilib

@ Opposite of YIA, on the 3/F and 4/F of the Architecture Building

  • close to MTR station
  • very few seats but not so many people there
  • abundant sunlight

Lee Quo Wei Law Library #lawlib

@ 3/F and 4/F of ulib

  • even though it is inside ulib, they are not known as the same library/ facility
  • the view is not as good as ulib, but maybe the hardworking students there can be a new scenery 
  • individual study desks, computer room, rooms booking available 

Li Ping Medical Library #mediclib

@ 2/F, Lui Che Woo Clinical Sciences Building, Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin

  • study area open 24/7
  • all individual study desks
  • bathrooms, canteen and 7/11 down the hall

Non-library study areas

Learning Garden #zeon suk (Learning Hall)

@ ulib LG1

  • local students call it zeon suk (Learning Hall) because this is where people pull all nighters, meaning even if you do not have a residence in CUHK you can still spend a night there
  • fully equipped — printers, computers, conference room, snack and drinks vending machines. 
  • feel free to chat and use the room booking service

Learning Commons/ Wu Ho Man Yuen Building 6/F #WMY

@ next to Madam SH HO Hall’s lawn

  • close to the classrooms
  • group discussion rooms
  • whiteboards, Tolo Harbor view

Esther Lee Building 2/F #ELB

@ between MTR station and cclib

  • very close to MTR station and Chung Chi Gate
  • 8-people tables available, good for group projects
  • all sockets there are broken

Mong Man Wai Building 7/F

@ behind na can

  • only 4-people and 8-people tables
  • Tolo Harbor View
  • limited sockets

Pommerenke Student Centre G/F

@ between cclib and cc can 

  • 3 study rooms, do not require booking
  • natural light
  • enjoy eye contact with pedestrians outside lol

There are more study areas in CUHK, enjoy your adventure and find someplace special!!


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