Canteen 101

Written by CUSP team and Megan

#(how locals call it)

Woo Sing Pavilion #Woo Sing can

@ LG2, Lee Woo Sing College

–       Opening hours: Mon – Sat (11am – 2pm; 3pm – 7:30pm)

–       Menu: Chinese and Western fast food

–       Special feature(s): 

             1.     small portion of food (local students called it: La Woo Sing)

–       Reminder(s): 

             1.     20% off with Woo Sing Card 

             2.     they use the same oven to bake all the rice gratin (if you ordered one and 

                     there are already so many people waiting — GOOD LUCK)

Chung Chi College Student Canteen  #CC can

@ Chung Chi Tang, between Pommerenke Student Center and YIA

  • Opening hours: Mon – Fri (11am – 10pm); Sat, Sun and Public Holidays (10am – 10pm)
  • Menu: international (Vietnamese, Indian, Taiwanese food…)
  • Special feature(s): 
  1. ECXN121X lecturer: “if you are poor you go to cc can”

United College Student Canteen #UC can

@ G/F, Cheung Chuk Shan Amenities Building

  • Opening hours: Mon – Fri (11am – 8pm); Sat (11am – 5pm)
  • Menu: Taiwanese and Japanese food 
  • Special feature(s): 
  1. free delivery service on campus for any order above HK$30, WhatsApp 9094 1558
  2. Joyful Inn on the right hand side (serves cakes and Taiwanese drink)
  3. must-tries: bubble tea and uncle’s milk
  • Reminder(s):
  1. UC students can enjoy $18 for a meal

Canteen of S.H. Ho College #Sin Can (“Sin” = 善衡

書院【S.H. Ho College】)

@ 1/F, Chan Chun Ha Hall

  • Opening hours: currently closed
  • Menu: local fast food
  • Reminders:
  1. Most local students avoid going because it is owned by Maxim. The founder’s daughter claimed they would “give up on youngsters” in 2019 during the protests. But apparently they haven’t given up on earning youngsters’ money.

Morningside College Dining Hall #Sen can (“Sen” = 興書院【Morningside College】)/ MC can

@ LG1, Maurice R. Greenberg Building

  • Opening hours: Mon – Fri (8am – 4pm, 3pm last order)
  • Menu: international (Chinese, Japanese, Western, Halal and more)
  • Special feature(s): 
  1. full of international students, feel free to chat with them
  2. has a piano for you to play 
  3. outdoor seating on the balcony
  • Reminder(s):
  1. discount with MC student card

New Asia College Student Canteen #NA can

@ LG/F, Staff Student Centre – Leung Hung Kee Building

  • the original contractor went out of business, will have new one

Canteen of CW Chu College #Ging can (“Ging” = 文書院【CW Chu College】)

@ G/F, CW Chu College

  • the original contractor fail to renew their contract, will have new one

SeeYou@Shaw #Shaw can

@ G/F, Kuo Mou Hall

  • Opening hours: Mon – Fri (11am – 2:30pm)
  • Menu: local fast food, steak, Taiwanese food
  • Special feature(s): 
  1. two patios
  • Reminder(s):
  1. sometimes the tablewares might not be so clean… watch out…

Wu Yee Sun College Student Canteen #Yee Suen can (“Yee Suen” = 伍宜孫書院【Wu Yee Sun College】)

@ LG/F, West Block, Wu Yee Sun College

  • temporary closed under covid

Paper & Coffee #Pong can

@ 2/F, Pommerenke Student Centre 

–       Opening hours: Mon – Fri (10:30am – 5:30pm)

–       Menu: Japanese food 

–       Special feature(s):

             1.     fully furnished in Japanese style with tatami

             2.     charging points available

             3.     lots of vegetables choices, eggplant is always there

             4.     light roast coffee beans

–        Reminder(s):

             1.     no need to use BackHomeSafe/ leave your personal information

             2.     one table 2 people

             3.     use Storellet (an app) to earn your credits and get 10% off for a year

             4.     always has a long queue

Orchid Lodge #Lan Yuen (directly translated from Cantonese)

@ Chung Chi College, next to Ho Tim Building and walk up stairs

–       Opening hours: Mon – Fri (7:30am – 8pm); Sat (7:30am – 5pm)

–       Menu: Western food in the restaurant; fast food in the patio

–       Special feature(s):

             1.     two menus: inside the restaurant: pricy and quality food; on the patio: large 

                     portion and affordable price

             2.     must-tries: 5-layer thick toast (with ice cream), banana boat and all day 


Be the Light 

@ G/F, Jockey Club Postgraduate Hall 3

  • Opening hours: Mon – Sat (11am – 8:30pm)
  • Menu: Taiwanese food and beverage
  • Special feature(s): 
  1. tatami
  2. band performances (sometimes) 
  3. best milk foam tea in cuhk
  • Reminder(s):
  1. suspected of involving in nonpayment of wages
  2. no menus in English and the staff are not all able to translate :’) 
  3. food is better when you eat inside than takeaway

Coffee Corner #Coffee con

@ G/F, Benjamin Franklin Centre (left side)

  • Opening hours: under construction, temporary closed
  • Menu: fast food (e.g. Vietnamese pho, burgers and spaghetti)
  • Reminder(s):
  1. burgers and french fries sold out pretty fast (before dinner time)

Benjamin Franklin Centre Student Canteen #Dai can (“Dai” = “big” in Cantonese)

@ G/F, Benjamin Franklin Centre (right side)

  • Opening hours: Mon – Fri (7:30am – 7:30pm); Sun (11am – 3pm)
  • Menu: local fast food
  • Special feature(s): 
  1. you can literally sit there, do nothing and no one cares 

Vegetarian Canteen #So can (“So” = “vegetarian” in Cantonese)

@ LG, Benjamin Franklin Centre, next to Fusion

closed, will have a new contractor (probably little idea cafe who is also running Be the Light and will rename it as “So Yan Freshmen”)

Women Cooperative Store #Nui Gong (directly translated from Cantonese)

@ LG, Benjamin Franklin Centre, down the stairs and next to Vegetarian Canteen

  • Opening hours: Mon – Fri (8am – 4pm)
  • Menu: local snack and food, like a tuck shop
  • Special feature(s): 
  1. much cheaper ice cream than Fusion
  2. not all staff speak English

Basic Medical Sciences Building Snack Bar #Med can

@ G/F, Basic Medical Sciences Building

  • Opening hours: Mon – Sat (8am – 5pm)
  • Menu: local fast food
  • Special feature(s): 
  1. the chef probably will give you one more dish if you come at tea time 
  2. life hack: order takeaway and eat outside, you save $1 lol

Li Wai Chun Building Halal Food Outlet(Ebeneezer’s) #Ching Zen can (“Ching Zen” = Halal in Cantonese)

@ Room G05, Li Wai Chun Building

  • Opening hours: Mon – Sat (10am – 8pm)
  • Menu: Halal, Western and Indian food
  • Special feature(s): 
  1. use english to order
  2. always end up getting loads of coins if you pay cash

Lee Shau Kee Building Snack Bar 

@ LG, Lee Shau Kee Building

  • temporary closed under covid

cafe 330 

@ 101A, 1/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park

  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri (8am-6pm); Sat (8am-4pm)
  • Menu: cafe drinks and food
  • Special feature(s): 
  1. the drinks are a bit tasteless 🙁
  2. can sneak in during non-opening hours and to use the tables and chairs

Inno 330

@ LG/F, InnoPort (MTR station -> turn left)

  • opening hours: Mon – Fri (8am – 6pm); Sat, Sun and Public Holidays (8am – 5pm)
  • Menu: cafe drinks and food
  • Reminder(s): 
  1. same owner as cafe 330

Yun Chi Hsien 

@ G/F, Staff Student Centre, NA College (under NA gym)

  • Opening hours: Mon – Fri (12 noon – 2pm)
  • Menu: traditional Taiwanese food
  • Special feature(s): 
  1. NA students will be taken to there by their lecturer after GENA1113 as a tradition
  • Reminder(s):
  1. exclusively for NA staff, alumni and golf members

Si Yuan Amenities Centre #Si Yuen Gwun

@ next to UC can

  • Opening hours: Tue – Fri (5pm – 11pm)
  • Menu: spaghetti, alcohol and cake
  • Special feature(s): 
  1. rich staff eat here

Chung Chi College Staff Club Clubhouse #Staff can

@ opposite of CC Chapel and Sino Building

  • Opening hours: Mon – Fri (11am – 2:30pm; 5:30pm – 9:30pm)
  • Menu: dim sum
  • Special feature(s): 
  1. students are welcomed
  2. quality dim sum with a relatively cheap price 

The Stage

@ 3/F, Cheng Yu Tung Building

  • Opening hours: Mon – Fri (8:15am – 4:30pm)
  • Menu: local fast food, all day breakfast, hamburger, cake and huge crème brûlée


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