Written by CUSP team and Megan

How to climb back to your college after the last N bus? If you live in a more remote college, are you going to walk for 45 minutes to go back to your dorm? Check these shortcuts out if you are not planning to spend the night in the MTR station!


1. CC — Chung Chi College 

2. NA — New Asia College

3. UC — United College 

4. WS — Lee Woo Sing College 

5. WYS — Wu Yee Sun College 

6. Shaw — Shaw College

7. BMSB — Basic Medical Sciences Building 

8. MMW —  Mong Man Wai Building

9. Ulib — Univeristy Library

10. LSK — Lee Shau Kee Building

CC/ University Station → Main Campus

1. YIA Escalators (to the top) → CC Madam SH HO’s Lawn → Go straight, towards the gardening buildings DO NOT go to the slope towards the bus stops → continue on Parterre Road → go inside ERB, Engineering Building (new) → Lift (9/F) → SHB, Engineering Building (old) → Footbridge → exit onto Lady Shaw Building’s Footbridge → arrived on main campus

2. YIA → SHHO College → Pentecostal Mission Hall Complex Low Block’s lift (on the left hand side) → Lift (4/F) → High Block → Turn left → The long staircase → arrive in front of MMW → cross the intersection towards BMSB 

Main Campus → NA

1. BMSB → MMW → Lift (7/F) → Walk outside MMW → take the stairs through the woods up to where NA canteen was → arrive by NA library

2. Ulib → LSK’s lift (on the right hand side of the building) → Lift (3/F) → footbridge → Turn right (walk past UC)

Main Campus → UC

Ulib → LSK → Lift (3/F) → footbridge→ Turn right

Main campus → WS

1. UC Lawn → The path on the left of Adam Schall Residence → Chan Chun Ha Hostel → Lift (lowest floor)

2. Ulib → LSK → Lift (3/F) → Turn left  → Crossroad (go straight) → Turn right

Main campus → WYS

Ulib → LSK → Lift (3/F) → Turn left  → Crossroad (go straight) → Turn left

Main campus → Shaw

Ulib → LSK → Lift (3/F) → Turn left  → Crossroad (go straight) → Turn left (walk past WYS)


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