Aoife Black

Simplicity accompanied by the warmth of

Intertwining spirits, arrays of light – sixty summers

Gentle breeze sent across ripples in silence

Combining with cleansing fragrance – sixty winters

Take me through the portal

Of Lake Ad Excellentiam

And to the Harmonious Pavilion

Where water meets Heaven

“Cometh h’re! Wend through it!”

Sleep on the couch

Behind the Gate of Wisdom

Close your eyes and


Maybe blink twice

Catch your lenses on fire

Smoke and mirror laid across the Bifrost

Aligning with asphyxiation and absorption

Water and light ride through to defrost

Against the art of armours, arsenal, and arrows

Vivid silhouettes of blue, red, and yellow

Glimmering in mockery and dauntlessness

To paint the institution, gasoline, oil

As black as obsidian, blood boiled

The night long and dark, stars spoiled

Gasp –

Inhale all that C10H5ClN2 spiralling around the ivory tower

They told me they would walk me through it

So I’m telling you I’d walk you through it too


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